University Policies

Abuse of Student Portals

Any student, who gains unauthorized entrance to another student’s portal, makes changes to another student’s schedule via the student portal, or otherwise tampers with or compromises private or privileged communications will be expelled from Lindenwood University. Additionally, such actions will be brought to the attention of law enforcement officials and may be prosecuted through the legal system.

Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather

Only the president (or, in the president’s absence, the provost or assistant provost) has the authority to cancel classes in the event of severe weather. Should weather create potentially hazardous conditions, Lindenwood University will evaluate the situation and take into consideration the safety of faculty, staff, and students as well as the services that must be provided despite the inclement weather. After this careful evaluation and depending on the hazardous weather conditions (e.g., tornado, snow/ice, etc.), an alert will be sent to students, faculty, and staff via a Rave system text message and email message, as necessary. This alert will detail the appropriate action required of faculty, staff, and students and will specify the essential services that must be provided despite the inclement weather. Instructors are expected to schedule a make-up class meeting when evening classes are cancelled due to inclement weather.

In the unlikely event that the normal work and/or class schedule are to be altered, an announcement will be posted on the university’s website ( An announcement will also be distributed via email and the Rave system. Separate announcements may be made regarding evening classes (those classes starting at or after 4 p.m.).

The university strives to maintain its teaching, research, and service activities in accordance with established schedules and operational demands. To this end, suspension or cancellation of classes due to inclement weather will be avoided whenever possible. Because certain essential functions of the university must be provided at all times, campus operations will not be suspended in the event of severe weather even though classes may be cancelled.

Campus Tobacco Use

Tobacco use is prohibited on campus and in all campus buildings. Tobacco includes, but is not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes (hookah), electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, and any non-FDA approved nicotine delivery device.

Filing a Grievance

The university has specific grievance procedures related to grade appeals, financial aid and other academic or financial policies specifically outlined in this academic catalog. If a student has a grievance that falls outside of the established policies, students may submit a formal complaint to the student ombudsman at More information about the current complaint procedures can be found at

Lindenwood University shares information from students’ formal written complaints with the Higher Learning Commission as part of its normal accrediting process. This information is shared in such a manner as to shield the individual identities of all complainants. No letters or documents revealing the identities of individual complaints will be shared without the express written permission of the complainants.

Firearms Policy

No person is permitted to carry firearms or other weapons, either concealed or visible, on Lindenwood property or to any Lindenwood class. The only exception to this policy applies to duly sworn, on-duty law enforcement officers. Off-duty police officers may carry concealed weapons to their Lindenwood classes only if authorized to do so by their employer and the states of Missouri or Illinois.

Recording and Electronic Devices

During classroom instruction and testing, the use of cameras, video, audio taping devices, or any other kinds of electronic devices (including telephones, Google glasses, and Bluetooth devices) is allowed only after obtaining written permission from the instructor; otherwise, the use of such devices is prohibited.

Electronic devices used for prosthetic or accessibility purposes may be used only after the faculty member has received a signed accommodation letter from the accessibility officer. Any recordings made during class may not be redistributed to anyone not a member of the class without the express written permission of the instructor and all student subjects of the recording.

Recorded video sessions of a class may be used within that class as long as the videos are password protected. Recordings that involve students cannot be used in future classes. Video sessions of lectures recorded outside of the classroom by the instructor that do not involve students may be used by the instructor in future classes. Students may download electronic course materials for personal use only.

Photo Usage

As a student at Lindenwood University, you may be photographed on campus or at campus events, and those photographs may be used on Lindenwood’s website, social media sites, and in promotional materials for the university.