Student Resources

This new state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot building offers a wealth of amenities. In addition to a variety of academic support services, the new space offers students community spaces, a multimedia lab, gaming spaces with access to multiple gaming platforms, a theater, group study rooms, classroom spaces, a vastly expanded archives, Help Desk staff, a Starbucks location, quiet study spaces, and tutoring, all supported by Wi-Fi throughout.

In addition to the services mentioned above, over 23 million book titles are available through the library in conjunction with its membership in Missouri’s statewide academic library consortium, MOBIUS. MOBIUS gives enrolled students physical and electronic access to public and academic library collections in Missouri, as well as access to the collections of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (CARL). In order to take advantage of these resources, students must obtain a valid Lindenwood student ID.

The library subscribes to more than 90 online databases that are accessible through the library’s website. A number of the databases provide full-text access to research materials. In addition to the databases, the library has purchased supplementary electronic tools that easily facilitate navigation of these online resources. A valid student ID is also required to access the library’s databases.

Additional services available through the Library and Academic Resources Center include

  • Access to reference librarians in person, via email, by telephone, or chat.
  • Computer lab.
  • Laptop checkout for the day.
  • Hardcopy journal collections.
  • An interlibrary loan service for any items not available at the Library and Academic Resources Center or through MOBIUS.

For current hours, students may contact the library at, by visiting, or calling (636) 949-4820.

The Lindenwood University Writing Center, located in suite 333 of the Library and Academic Resources Center, offers tutorial assistance to students working on written assignments. Students are highly encouraged to make appointments on the Writing Center website. By scheduling an appointment through the Writing Center website, students can meet with tutors who are prepared to help students from all disciplines create and revise assigned work. Common issues tutors address include organization, sentence clarity, development, grammar, and usage.

Peer tutoring from many academic areas is available to help students who need help understanding course material. Peer tutors are student workers available in SASS within the Library and Academic Resources Center. Tutoring for course topics requiring special equipment or models will take place in the appropriate academic buildings outside of SASS. An available tutor list identified by topic and location can be found at Students may also contact SASS at or call (636) 949-4699 with additional tutoring services questions. Students are also encouraged to ask their classroom professors about possible tutoring assistance.

Lindenwood also offers online tutoring from, which is available to any Lindenwood student. Online tutors are available in a variety of subjects to work with students 24 hours a day, depending upon the subject area. Completed drafts of writing assignments may also be submitted to for detailed, personalized feedback. Students may access online tutoring through Canvas.

Students who experience problems of any type are encouraged to visit the Office of Student and Academic Support Services (SASS). SASS assists students in the resolution of obstacles that impede academic progress. SASS staff can assist with inter-office facilitation, institutional guidance, academic mentoring, and dispute resolution. The associate vice president for student and academic support services also works as a liaison between students and other university offices and serves as the official university-student ombudsman. SASS is located in the Library and Academic Resources Center, suite 346, and can be contacted at or (636) 949-4699.

The Wellness Center provides integrated health services guided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

The Wellness Center, Student Counseling and Resource Center, and the Chaplain’s Office are housed in Evans Commons on the third floor. In the Wellness Center, BJC Student Health Center serves on-campus students and full-time undergraduate students for a variety of medical conditions, from illnesses and injuries to physical examinations, well woman examinations, STD testing/HIV testing, birth control counseling, minor procedures, anxiety and depression consultations and immunizations. The clinic has an on-site nurse practitioner to confidentially assist students with their healthcare needs. Walk-ins are welcome, but students with appointments take first priority.

The mission of The Student Counseling and Resource Center at Lindenwood University is dedicated to helping students at Lindenwood University achieve the kinds of academic success, personal growth, and balance that lead to rich, full, and healthy lives. We approach wellness, mental, physical, and spiritual health through a multidisciplinary approach of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all students. The vision of the SCRC is to promote better health outcomes and raise awareness for promoting the 8 dimensions of wellness, the mission of the SCRC, and the mission of Lindenwood University. The SCRC is housed in Evans Commons on the third floor. Practicum and intern students also assist in meeting the demands of the SCRC. The SCRC offers confidential counseling and referrals for resources on and off campus that assist students in meeting SAMHSA’s eight dimensions of wellness. The SCRC offers group counseling on various topics. Additionally, the SCRC partners with multiple campus organizations, offices, faculty, and staff for referrals and collaboration of workshops to educate students, faculty, and staff about wellness. Appointments for the SCRC can be made directly at (636) 949-4522.

The job of Lindenwood University’s Chaplain is to respond to the needs of our community, to those of various faith traditions or no tradition, who are asking the “big questions,” and to help them find answers. The Chaplain works with the Wellness Center to assist students in meeting their spiritual needs. Lindenwood University provides an ecumenical environment that welcomes and supports all religious traditions. Students may access our Sacred Space, for daily prayers and meditation, located in Spellmann Center room 4150. Sibley Chapel hosts regular non-denominational Christian religious services. The University Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Nichole Torbitzky, is available to meet with anyone for counsel, spiritual direction, or pastoral care. The Chaplain's Office is located in the Wellness Center. Appointments can be made through (636) 949-4522 or (636) 949-4651.

The guiding philosophy of Lindenwood University is to make programs and facilities as accessible as possible to students with disabilities. The manager for student support and accessibility acts to ensure the accessibility of programs and assists and supports students with disabilities. Students who need assistance or accommodations for certified disabilities should contact the student support and accessibility manager at (636) 949-4510.

Students are encouraged to serve as their own advocates and to be responsible for obtaining special services offered by the university. If the manager is unable to satisfy a reasonable request, that request may then be directed to the office of the associate vice president for student and academic support services, located in the Library and Academic Resources Center, suite 346.

Important messages including information about academic standing and financial aid are sent via the university’s internal email system. Students will be held accountable for any information or due dates sent via the campus email system. Office 365 accounts are provided for all students and may be accessed from the Lindenwood homepage.

Students are entitled to print an allotted number of pages per term at no cost from any on-campus computer. Resident students may print up to 500 pages per term; commuter students may print up to 300 pages per term. Once the total number of allotted pages has been reached, students may opt to purchase additional printing capabilities through the student portal for $3 per 100 pages.