Housing Deposit

An initial housing deposit is required to reserve campus housing for residential students. By making the housing deposit, the student and the student’s parent or guardian indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions of the university. No refund of this housing deposit will be granted to any student who withdraws from the university after making this deposit but prior to the start of an academic term.

per the Housing Contract, "The Deposit shall be held by University as security for the full and faithful performance of each provision of this Contract to be performed by Student. The Deposit is not a measure of University damages in case of Student’s default hereunder. Upon receipt, the Deposit will be reflected as a credit on Student’s financial account with University. A Deposit submitted in connection with a prior academic term may continue to satisfy Student’s obligation to provide a Deposit under this Contract so long as such Deposit has not been otherwise applied by University to satisfy Student’s outstanding obligations. If the room to which Student is assigned is damaged during the period in which Student is entitled to reside therein, the cost of such damage will be deducted from the Deposit. Any amounts deducted from the Deposit must be repaid by Student upon demand from University, and in any event prior to the start of the next academic term. The Deposit is not a cap on Student’s responsibility for damages and Student will be charged for damages to housing that exceed the Deposit.

No refund of the Deposit will be granted if Student withdraws from attending University after making the Deposit but prior to the start or completion of an academic term. If Student elects to depart from on-campus housing at the end of the academic term, Student is entitled to a refund of the Deposit if Student has (a) satisfied all financial obligations to University and has no outstanding debts, (b) completed the residential checkout process, (c) otherwise complied with this Contract and returned the room to its original condition (subject to normal wear and tear), (d) submitted a “Request a Refund” form or similar application through the Student Portal, and (e) completed a Change of Status form in the Office of Residential Life or an Exit process, as applicable, in the Office of Student and Academic Support Services, which is located in the Library and Academic Resources Center, room 354. Failure to complete the Change of Status form or Exit process by January 1 for the spring semester or by June 1 for the fall semester will result in forfeiture of the Deposit."