Payment Options

All tuition charges and fees are due prior to the beginning of the term. Students should consult their Student Financial Services Counselor regarding due dates or to make other payment arrangements prior to the beginning of the term. Alternatively, students may also use their student portals to remit payment. Payment options include the following items:

  • Direct Corporate Invoicing is available for students who work for companies that require an invoice from Lindenwood University in order to process tuition assistance. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the employer’s tuition voucher is submitted to the Bursar's Office before the payment deadline of each term. Failure to submit the necessary paperwork to the Bursar's Office by the published payment deadline may result in late fees.
  • The Corporate Promissory Note is available to students who work for companies that have tuition reimbursement plans. Proof of employment and a copy of the company’s reimbursement policy must be on file in the Bursar's Office. The amount of the promissory note cannot exceed the amount the employer pays for tuition for each term. The due date for all promissory notes is 30 days following the conclusion of the term for which the note applies. A monthly late charge will be assessed after this date. Also, the student will forfeit the privilege of executing a promissory note in any future term if payment is not received in full by the due date. By signing a promissory note, students give Lindenwood University permission to contact their employers if the note is not paid by the date due. Any payment or financial aid received prior to the promissory note due date will be applied to the balance appearing on the student’s account. In addition, all transcripts and documents must be submitted to the Office of University Admissions to ensure that federal and state aid programs can be administered.
  • Lindenwood offers monthly payment plans. The Tuition Payment Plan is an alternative to paying each term's tuition and fees (including on-campus housing expenses) in full by the due date. Students are able to enroll in a payment plan online in their student portal.

Per 16-Week Enrollment Fee


Credit/Debit Card Fee 2.75% Domestic
Credit/Debit Card Fee 4.25% Foreign
ACH Payment Fee (Online Check) No additional Fee