Computer Science

Computer science and computer information systems majors can expect to work in jobs ranging from design and development of commercial systems to the development of virtual reality and computer graphic programs. The role of the computer industry has always been one of leadership in both science and commerce. From the on-line computerized navigation systems of the early moon landings to scanner-based retail inventory systems, computer science and computer information systems have provided the nation with a technological edge. Today, the industry has expanded into telecommunications, virtual reality training and entertainment, using the internet for commerce and information dissemination, robotics, exploration, as well as many other applications. The Computer Science Program offers the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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The Bachelor of Science in computer science is intended for students seeking an in-depth knowledge of the computer and computer systems. Majors in computer science are generally concerned with the use of computers for scientific oriented methods, applied mathematical problems, and research. In addition to computer science courses, students will be required to take courses in calculus and physics. Students pursing this degree either minor in mathematics or add mathematics as a second major.

The Bachelor of Arts in computer science is intended for students seeking a broader knowledge of computer systems.

Students pursuing this degree normally minor in one of the liberal arts programs or even pursue a double major with the second major in the area of liberal arts.

The Bachelor of Arts in computer information systems is intended for students interested in the business applications of computers and business-oriented methods and issues. The student will be required to complete courses in accounting, economics, management, and organizational behavior. Students in this program should consider a minor in some aspect of business.

Students majoring in computer science may also participate in a dual degree program in engineering. See the pre-engineering section of this catalog for more information.

Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative education credit is available to selected undergraduate students in computer science. Participation in the program is on a voluntary basis, allowing a student to earn up to nine hours of credit. This program affords the student the opportunity to integrate work experience with academic experience. The Cooperative Education Program is a partnership between the student, Lindenwood University, and the employer.

Participation in the program greatly increases a student’s opportunities for employment after graduation. To be eligible for the program, the student must:

  • Have completed CSC 25500 with a C or better
  • Have a minimum 2.8 grade point average
  • Be in good academic standing status with the university at the time of application
  • Receive the recommendation of the computer science faculty

For further information, students should contact the academic advisor for this program.