Professional Research Certificate

15 credit hours

Only degree-seeking Lindenwood undergraduate students are eligible to earn this career certificate.

The College of Sciences, Technology, and Health offers a Professional Research Certificate* that complements any academic degree with the skills, knowledge, and competencies required for basic research in higher education and many professional settings. To earn the certificate, students complete a series of modules and requirements that serve as the foundation of research education in the several professional environments. Additionally, 15 credits of academic courses directly related to the research process are required; culminating with a research internship.


Certificate Coursework

3 credit hours of coursework from the following option:

MGMT 26014Excel for Professionals


Statistics Coursework

3 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

MTH 14100Basic Statistics


MTH 24100Statistics for Natural Science


Research Coursework

9 credit hours total of coursework (3 credit hours of coursework from each category) as approved by program director.

Introductory Discipline-Specific Research Coursework

3 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

EXS 27500Research Methods and Data Interpretation


PHS 36000Introduction to Epidemiology


Advanced Discipline-Specific Research Course

3 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

EXS 33500Independent Research


PHS 38300Research Methods in Public Health


Culminating Research

3 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

EXS 44100Research Internship


PHS 38900Independent Research


Additional Competencies and Requirements

1) Complete three Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) training modules available on the Lindenwood CITI Training website


  • Human Subjects Research Training (Biomedical or Social/Behavioral)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research

One of the following modules depending on your professional background or type of research:

  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Conflict of Interest

2) Present at the Student Research Conference (SRC) or equivalent event approved by advisor

3) Attendance at one campus workshop, lecture, or seminar on a research topic. Examples can be attendance at a thesis proposal or defense, faculty colloquium, Public Health Academic Journal Club, or Exercise Science research seminar. A one-page formal summary with a professional cover page and discussion over the topic and activity must be submitted for documentation of their completion of this activity.

4) Submit one page summary of certificate experience and present their experiences to faculty and student panel. This will prepare students to summarize and discuss skills gained and lessons learned to potential graduate schools, medical schools, physical therapy schools and employers.

*Upon completion of the above requirements, the student will earn the Professional Research Certificate. This accomplishment will appear on their official academic transcript and students will be provided with a professional certificate of completion.