EDU 41000 Student Teaching

This course consists of observation, individual conferences, and supervised teaching in an early childhood setting, elementary middle and/or secondary school and a weekly student-teaching seminar. This course is designed to be the culminating experience in a student's teacher preparation program; thus, students should have completed all of the courses necessary for the degree and certification prior to this course. The student is responsible for arranging and paying the expense of transportation to and from the assigned school. Students seeking K-12 certification must teach at both the elementary and secondary levels. Students must submit complete student teaching applications through Foliotek on time in order to be successful during student teaching. Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed for student teaching placement. Students must successfully complete the Missouri Content Assessment prior to a student teaching placement being sought. Please see College of Education and Human Services website for complete information on student teaching application process. A student teaching lab fee is required. Course enrollment must be approved by the Curriculum and Instruction Program Council (CIPC).




EDU 21501; EDU 38000; EDU 40400.