ENGL 33200 Chaucer

GE-Human Culture: Literature Remember that naked man trudging down the road in the film, “A Knight’s Tale?” Geoffrey Chaucer is widely considered to be England’s first “name brand” poet, writing in a variety of genres including dream visions, lyrics, fabliaux, romances, beast fables, hagiography, and translations. We will read a great variety of his writings and explore themes such as gender, violence, and magic. Sometimes we will dig deeply into a single text and other times we will take a comparative approach, all while immersing ourselves in the diversity and complexity of Chaucer’s world. You will leave this course with confidence in your ability to read and pronounce Middle English and a greater understanding of and appreciation for the diversity and cosmopolitan nature of Chaucer’s life and work specifically, and the literature and culture of medieval England more generally.




ENGL 17000 with a C or better.