ENGL 35500 Literary Modernism: Experiment, Method, and Mystery

GE-Human Culture: Literature If you love a whodunit, you might have a secret interest in Modernism. If you wonder what that noise was or what that weird symbol might mean, you need to read these authors: Pynchon and Kafka, Cain and O’Connor, Bolaño. In this course you will read some of the most influential writers of the 20th century through the eye of that most modern of characters: the detective. Not all these writers give us detectives, but they all explore a core modern obsession, the methodical search for answers in a world that might be mere chaos. You will track down clues and symbols, study alienation and dark, stormy nights. And the bonus? Your accomplices as you read will be writers as puzzled and eager and curious as you.




ENGL 17000 with a C or better.