IR 32100 Issues in Asia-Pacific Security

GE-Human Culture: Foreign Culture/Human Diversity The Asia-Pacific is undergoing rapid strategic change which has significant implications for the world’s security. This includes the rise of China and its challenge to the US-led regional security order; the response of other major powers to these dynamics; unresolved maritime territorial disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea; instability on the Korean Peninsula; as well as existing religious disputes. This unit examines contested concepts of regional order as well as the evolving power dynamics between the major regional powers, including China, the United States, Japan, and ASEAN. It analyzes the evolution and prospects for peacefully resolving regional flashpoints such as the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan and the South China Sea. Finally, it examines the role of regional security institutions, Indonesia’s role in regional security, an assessment of the security and defense options for the United States in a changing Asia.




ENGL 17000.