Sport Management Department

Dan Sweeney, PhD, Chair

A Bachelor of Arts in sport management prepares students for a career in the sport industry. The sport management degree provides students with a core business degree; however, it also gives students the opportunity to apply the core business theories of economics, marketing, finance, and accounting to the growing world of sport and recreation. Students graduating with a sport management degree are prepared for a career in any sector of the sport industry, including sales of sport and sport related products, event management, facility management, intercollegiate athletics, youth and high school sports, professional sport, and sport marketing.

The sport management degree prepares students through both theoretical and practical learning. Students learn the theories associated with marketing, selling, directing, and financing sport while incorporating the legal and ethical theories necessary to be a successful sport manager. Students also have the opportunity to practically apply the theories that they learn in the classroom through active learning and real-life situational case studies. Finally, all sport management students are required to complete a practicum (internship) in the sport industry, allowing them to gain practical experience and a jump-start on their careers.