Catalog of Entry

Students are required to satisfy the degree requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of matriculation. A continuing student who desires to pursue a course of study added to the curriculum in a subsequent catalog year or who wishes to fulfill degree requirements that have changed since the student’s matriculation must submit a catalog change request to the Office of Academic Services. If the request is granted, the student will be bound by all policies and requirements in the new catalog. Students who discontinue study at Lindenwood University may be required to adopt the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of readmission depending upon the length of the absence. See the Academic Policies and Procedures/Academic Renewal section of this catalog for further information regarding catalog requirements after a leave of absence from the university.

Note: The university reserves the right to modify its policies (other than degree requirements) at any time. Students must adhere to all university policies that are in effect during each term of enrollment.