Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal allows returning students to remove previous course work from calculation of their GPA after an extended absence. A returning student seeking to resume a program of study or begin a new program of study after a prolonged absence is eligible for Academic Renewal under the following conditions:

  • The student must have been absent from the Lindenwood University system for at least three consecutive academic years.

  • The student must not have obtained a degree at Lindenwood or any other institution of higher education in the years between taking leave from Lindenwood and applying for academic renewal.

  • The student must declare a major or program of study.

  • The student must be enrolled in and complete at least one academic term at full-time status, earning a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or graduate GPA of 3.5 before applying for Academic Renewal.

In addition to the conditions outlined above regarding student eligibility, Academic Renewal is subject to the following conditions:

  • Academic Renewal can only be applied once.

  • Academic Renewal can only be applied to academic terms completed prior to the student’s leave of absence.

  • Academic Renewal can only be applied to courses taken at Lindenwood University.

  • For undergraduate students, up to three terms can be selected for Academic Renewal; for graduate students, up to two terms can be selected.

  • Once implemented, the Academic Renewal cannot be removed.

  • Students approved for Academic Renewal are subject to the degree requirements listed in the catalog that is active at the time they are reinstated.

  • No course from a term selected to be removed from GPA calculation can be used to satisfy an academic requirement (e.g., toward graduation, prerequisites, or certifications).

  • All courses from terms will be removed from calculation of the student’s GPA regardless of the grades earned. However, these courses will not be entirely erased. All courses taken by the student will still appear on their transcript. A note will appear on the student’s transcript for each redacted term.

  • A student may not apply for Academic Renewal in their final semester.

Students considering applying for Academic Renewal must inform an academic advisor of their intent to do so. The advisor will consult with the student regarding which academic terms to remove from calculation of the student’s GPA. The student should submit a petition for Academic Renewal to the Office of Academic Services signed by the student’s academic advisor and college dean. The student will be notified of a decision within 30 days of submission of the petition.

Notes: (1) Applying for Academic Renewal can affect a student’s eligibility for financial aid. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Services ( before applying for Academic Renewal.

(2) Students on the GI Bill® should contact the VA certifying official before applying for Academic Renewal.