Transferring Credit

A student wishing to transfer graduate credit to Lindenwood from an accredited college or university should request that official transcripts be sent directly to Lindenwood University’s Office of University Admissions by the school(s) previously attended. An evaluation of transfer credit will be made by the appropriate college dean. Credit may be transferred from regionally accredited institutions only. A maximum of nine semester credit hours of transfer credit is allowed for graduate students. Any credit hours awarded for experiential learning will be counted toward the maximum number of credits allowed as transfer credit.** Appeals of transfer credit evaluations should be submitted in writing to the registrar. Experiential learning note added per addendum 08/30/2022**

If transfer credit is requested from an international institution, students must submit their transcripts and their English translations to Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) or World Evaluation Services (WES) for evaluation. For more information regarding obtaining an ECE or WES transcript evaluation, please refer to the International Application Procedures section of this catalog or contact the Office of Admissions & Services for International Students (OASIS) at

For policies regarding transfer credit into a specific graduate program or college, please refer to the section of this catalog which describes that program.

A student at Lindenwood who wishes to take courses at another college or university while pursuing a degree at Lindenwood must first obtain permission for the transfer of these courses from the academic advisor and the registrar. A Prior Approval form may be requested at Credits accepted in transfer do not affect the student’s grade point average at Lindenwood University.