Requesting Transcripts

All transcript requests must be placed via the online service provider. Students will have three options to select from this service, US Postal Service, electronic, or pick-up from campus. The cost of transcripts are $9.50 per copy. Price per copy may change without notification.

Unless otherwise prohibited by law, transcripts will not be issued for students who have unsatisfied financial obligations with the university. Students will be given 30 days after a transcript request has been made to clear any outstanding balance with the Bursar's Office. After 30 days, it will be the student’s responsibility to submit a new request for transcript.

Official transcripts are sent directly to a college, employer, or other agency and bear the university seal. Student copies may be sent directly to the student and are identified as such. The fee for either type of transcript is the same.

In accordance with federal law (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), student transcripts are issued only at the written request of a student. A transcript will not be released without the student’s signature appearing on the request. Transcript requests are not accepted by telephone or email.

A transcript is a picture of the student’s complete record at Lindenwood University. Partial transcripts are not issued. Transcripts of work completed at other colleges must be obtained directly from those institutions.

Note: All information in each student’s university record is considered confidential and is issued only to authorized individuals.