Music Education, MME

30 credit hours

The Master of music education program will enable certified, practicing K-12 educators to expand their knowledge of the field and improve their musicianship and leadership skills.

A graduate student in the College of Arts and Humanities may take only one tutorial or independent study course and may enroll in a maximum of nine graduate credit hours per semester. A student may not receive graduate credit for any course designated as a dually enrolled course if that student received credit for the undergraduate version of that course.

Admission Requirements

Applications are initially reviewed by the Office of University Admissions to ensure all university admissions standards are met. An admissions decision will be made once all steps have been completed.

In addition to the requirements of all graduate students, applicants to the College of Arts and Humanities should complete and/or submit the following documents and information:

  • Transcripts demonstrating completion of undergraduate degree in related field with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in all major coursework.
  • The official results from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) may be required if GPA is below 3.0. 
  • Contact information for three academic and/or professional references. 
  • 1,000-word statement of purpose describing applicant’s goals. 
  • Specific deliverables depending on area of study, such as a writing sample and/or portfolio of work.

Completion Options

Non-Thesis/Applied Project Option

The applied project allows students with a professional focus to apply the theories and research methods of their field in a professional setting or in a final product or series of products. Projects may take different forms, but all students produce some form of material on behalf of an organization or field of practice. Students pursuing the non-thesis/applied project option document their progress and product for final review by their thesis committee. This option should only be considered by students who do not intend to continue study beyond the master’s level. See the chair of the program for more information.

Thesis Option

The thesis involves the creation of an original piece of scholarship relevant to the field of study that investigates an aspect of that field, professional area, or organization. Students evaluate the state of the field in existing research on their topic area and then develop a research question to investigate. Over the course of the program, students investigate their topic and refine their thesis, which is written the final two semesters and reviewed by their thesis committee. The required length for the thesis option for completion of the Masters in the College of Arts and Humanities is between 50-70 pages. The length will be determined by the topic of inquiry, scope, and procedure used to investigate and draw conclusions. The final requirements will be determined by the student’s committee chair and the director of graduate programs.

Students who do not successfully complete and defend the Thesis/Project Prospectus, or who have not completed their Thesis/Project by the end of CAH 61000, must enroll in CAH 60500 Thesis/Project Experience in every fall and spring semester until the Thesis/Project is completed.


Major Coursework

30 credit hours of coursework from the following options:

CAH 60000Thesis/Directed Project I


CAH 61000Thesis/Directed Project II


EDU 50500Analysis of Teaching and Learning Behavior


EDU 52000Curriculum Analysis and Design


EDU 57000Educational Research


MUS 50100Foundations in Music Education


MUS 51000Contemporary Issues in Music Education


MUS 53000Leadership in K-12 Music Programs


MUS 54100Conducting and Literature


MUS 55000Arranging