College of Education and Human Services

Anthony Scheffler, PhD, Dean


The mission of the College of Education and Human Services at Lindenwood University is to prepare educators, counselors, social workers, and leaders who meet the standards set forth by the national accrediting organizations, state licensing agencies, and/or other learned societies.

Our program completers are

  • Educated in the theory and research-based practices of their content field from a global perspective.
  • Able to demonstrate best practices in pedagogy and adult learning/andragogy.
  • Caring professionals who are disciplined and others-centered. They are skilled in communication and collaboration with diverse learners, colleagues, community, and other stakeholders.
  • Lifelong learners who pursue ongoing professional development in order to respond to the changing needs of their educational context.

The Lindenwood University College of Education and Human Services is committed to an open, diverse, and inclusive learning environment that nurtures the growth and development of all regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, language, religion, or sexual identification. College of Education and Human Services believes learning is enriched by diversity of values, interests, experiences, and intellectual and cultural viewpoints and strives to promote and support a diverse and inclusive learning community of mutual respect, which encompasses the engagement of all involved-students, faculty, and the community.

The College of Education and Human Services is divided into three departments:

  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Educational Leadership Department
  • Human Services Department