EDS 53000 Introduction and Methods of Teaching Children with Disabilities in Cross-Categorical Settings

This course is designed for graduate students in the MAT program to become special education teachers or special education teachers who already have teacher certification and want to add on cross-categorical certification or regular education teachers who are considering adding special education certification. This course allows the student to examine the theories, classification system, characteristics, historical data, and related resources affecting students placed in cross-categorical settings. Methods and materials needed in teaching learners with special needs in general and special education programs are studied. Both commercial and teacher developed materials are examined. Service delivery models including Response to Intervention (RtI), collaborative teaching, consultative services, itinerate teaching, and resource support services are emphasized in this course. Both commercial and teacher developed materials are examined. This course will meet the new Illinois certification requirement for veteran and new teachers as a special education course.




EDU 50410 or EDU 54100; EDU 51500; EDU 52210.