EDS 55000 Practicum for Teaching Children with Disabilities in Cross-Categorical Settings

This course is the first of two practicum courses required by Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As per requirements from MO DESE, practicum hours are to be completed outside of teaching contract hours. Working with a special education teacher in a mild/moderate cross-categorical setting, students will apply the principles, techniques, strategies and methods taught in EDS 53000. Practicum students will be responsible for observing and working with special education students throughout the semester under the supervision of a certificated special education teacher. Development of an Individual Education Program (IEP), lesson plans, and progress reports will be required. This class will lead to teaching certification for mild and moderate disabilities K-12. Service delivery models of collaborative teaching, consultative services, itinerant teaching and resource support services will be emphasized. The practicum courses should be taken after other coursework. Practicum courses are offered during fall and spring semesters to allow for supervision in school by certified special education teacher in the candidate's school. For those who teach in charter, private or parochial schools where there is not a special education certified teacher to supervise on site, special arrangements can be made to complete the practicum during the summer. Only one three-hour practicum course may be taken at the same time.




EDU 50410 or EDU 54100; EDU 51500; EDU 52210.