EDS 57100 Transitioning to the IEP: Working with Families to Navigate the Early Intervention Process

This course will provide Early Intervention Specialist candidates to gain the skills and knowledge to work in collaboration and partnership of parents of young children who are on the autism spectrum. Evidence-based practices will be explored to enable candidates to enhance their skills in authentic communication, team-building, mediation, and conflict-resolution in order to facilitate constructive relationships with parents. Participants will also gain knowledge in the prevailing legal tenets and regulatory standards that affect the education of young children with disabilities. Case study summaries and first-hand parent testimonials will be included in this course as a part of this learning experience. Five hours of field experience in the form of interviews and classroom-based observations will be required as a part of this course.




EDS 50200; EDS 56100; EDU 50410 or EDU 54100.