EDSBA 50000 Ethical and Professional Issues in Behavior Analysis

This course will familiarize students with BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts (Updated July, 2017). Students will gain a thorough understanding of the PECC which will allow them the necessary knowledge to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. Topics will include:  responsible conduct of behavior analysts, behavior analysts’ responsibility to clients, assessing behavior, behavior analysts and the behavior-change program, behavior analysts as supervisors, behavior analysts’ ethical responsibility to the profession of behavior analysts and colleagues, public statements, behavior analysts and research, and behavior analysts; ethical responsibility to the BACB. Students will discuss the IRB process and professional issues when consulting with families or other stakeholders. This course covers Section 2E 1-10 of the BACB Fifth Edition Task List and satisfies the requirement that verified course sequences include a freestanding course on behavior analytic ethics.