EDU 58929 Advanced Coding, Robotics, and 1:1 Devices

The Advanced Coding, Robotics, and 1:1 Devices (ACRD) extends students’ knowledge of programming and robotics that began in part one of this course. The ACRD class begins with a foundational understanding of the types of programming and integrated development environments to implement the various platforms with students in the hybrid classroom. ACRD students will gain fundamental understanding of data and methods of visualization which is crucial to the success at every level of programming and robotics. The programming platforms selected for this course will incorporate data as practiced in workplace settings. The platforms support mobile application development, data entry & manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, and virtual robotics. The sessions present each topic within three paradigms: the mindset, the beginner’s sandbox, and the intermediate immersion (referred to as Level 1,2, and 3 respectively in the course artifacts). This layered prepares teachers to guide students, including our youngest scholars, on a journey to establish computational thinking on levels aligned with readiness. ACRD students will collaborate on lesson planning ideas through online Flipgrid, office hours, and a culminating hackathon to showcase projects.






Fall/Spring/Summer. Offered on a rotating basis.