EDU 60599 Field Experience, Student Teaching

A 16-week field experience is required in this course, and is specific to the certification area the teacher candidate is seeking. The field experience hours must be successfully carried out to complete the course with a passing grade. This course is designed to be the culminating experience in a teacher candidate’s educator preparation program; thus, students should have completed all the courses and assessments necessary for the degree and certification prior to this course. A weekly seminar is required. Teacher candidate must successfully assume responsibilities of the cooperating teacher including, but not limited to: planning and implementing lessons, assessing students, and analyzing performance data to improve instruction. Teacher candidates will be expected to participate in vertical and horizontal team meetings at the placement site. Graduate level rigor will be expected when completing assignments and activities supporting Missouri Educator Evaluation System standards and indicators. Additional professional development experiences and reflections will be required of the graduate level teacher candidate. The teacher candidate is responsible for arranging and paying the expense of transportation to and from the assigned placement. A student teaching lab fee is required. Course enrollment must be approved by the Council of Teacher Education. All required coursework must be successfully completed prior to acceptance into student teaching.




EDU 51500; EDU 54310 or EDU 54410; EDU 58404.