FIN 52005 Fundamentals of Financial Management

Leaders and managers must be able to understand and use financial statements and reports to evaluate and communicate performance. Leaders must be able to apply financial information for making decisions. This course will focus upon basic financial information used by non-financial managers. This course introduces the student to both Financial and Managerial Accounting Principles. Topics covered are Basic Financial and Accounting Principles, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Key Ratio Analytics, Performance Factors, Interest and the Cost of Money, Debt vs. Equity, Time Value of Money, and Capital Budgeting. (Note: FIN 52010 may be substituted for FIN 52005 in the MA in Leadership Program; however, FIN 52005 cannot be substituted for FIN 52010 in the Master of Accountancy, MBA, or MS programs). Lab fee may be required.