IMF 60300 MFA Goes to Work: Creative Writing in Careers

This course focuses on how the skills you have been developing in the MFA program translate to the workplace. These are skills and capacities that today's employers are looking for across industries, skills that include writing and content creation, imagination and creative process (the latter of which includes a range of skills such as comfort with uncertainty, listening/observing, curiosity, idea-generation).We will survey classic job and career opportunities available to MFA in Writing graduates: teaching, editing/publishing, freelance writing, marketing communications and business communications. In our journal work, we will do some of the work teachers, editors and freelancers do. In the teaching portion of the class, we will create syllabi and lesson plans that we can then take into our search for teaching work. In the creative communications portion of the class, we will function as a “creative agency,” doing creative briefs, ads, video scripts and content marketing.